Do lawyers need marketing?

Marketing your legal services is critical to the growth and success of your law firm. Marketing is an effective way to attract and retain legal customers on a consistent basis. Law firms are a business like any other, and clients now expect their experience with their lawyers to be on par with the experience they have with companies like Amazon. When potential clients search online for lawyers in your practice area or information about one of your specialties, you want your law firm to appear in the top search results, not on the fifth page of Google results.

We're redefining the way lawyers manage their firms by equipping them with essential tools to securely manage their firms from any device, anywhere. The following marketing guide for lawyers will help you ensure that your law firm is on the right track to reach new clients and grow your business. Law firms used to rely on stock photographs to illustrate their websites, often resulting in generic photos of people posing as lawyers or buildings that simulated the firm's location. However, that figure drops to 55% for law firms with 10 to 49 lawyers and is further reduced to 35% for those with 2 to 9 lawyers.