How can a law firm use referral programs to generate more leads?

Find out how you can get more referrals for your company. As the owner of a small law firm, you want to get more referral leads to grow your business. But where will you find more referrals and what strategies should you use to increase your conversion rates? Before any referral strategy can start generating leads for you, you must first identify your referral sources, nurture them, and then harness their potential so that more potential customers know what your new business has to offer.

In addition to doing your law firm's Internet marketing very well, it's important to focus on referral marketing for your law firm.

Referred legal clients become paying customers.

They are the least expensive to obtain and the most likely to convert. You don't have to go through the pre-selection processes with the recommended leads, since the sender has already done so. In addition, your law firm's recommended clients are more likely to cooperate and are also more likely to recommend others. Many law firms ask clients for referrals at the end of a legal matter.

However, setting expectations early in the interaction will result in a better referral rate. Let new customers know that you intend to provide them with exceptional customer service and that you expect them to recommend you, since your business depends on word-of-mouth referrals. Establishing a law firm referral program will help you maximize your referrals and automate the referral process. Some law firms have an archive of webinars like this one from Cunningham Legal, an estate planning firm in California.

However, law firms currently misunderstand them and underuse them as a lead generation tool. Most potential customers will never have heard of you, so marketing strategies should educate, inform and make potential customers aware of your company. For example, you can share positive testimonials on your law firm's website, just be sure to review the rules in your jurisdiction. This includes current clients, previous clients, a client who contacted their law firm to request a consultation but who did not show up for other appointments, and even prospective clients.

Lawyer referral marketing requires effort, but referrals can be one of the most effective, affordable, and sustainable ways to attract more clients to your firm. Despite concerns about privacy issues, it's perfectly acceptable for law firms to hold webinars while individual cases are not being discussed. With so many law firms competing for potential clients, the quality of your lead marketing campaigns will determine their success. If you want more referrals from law firms, you need to offer a level of service worth referring to.

If you want to provide your small law firm with the tools needed to run your business smoothly, contact Richard James and get your personalized business practice growth plan for FREE. Connecting with clients, establishing relationships, and requesting referrals from law firms is more difficult than ever, but it's not impossible.