What are the best practices for creating effective legal content?

Here's a great example from Mirman, Markovits. Social networks, on the other hand, allow greater reach, since they create a 360-degree approach to the market, as well as the ability to listen and learn what the market thinks. For many law firms and legal technology marketers, it's enough for their best legal experts to write and publish that content in the marketplace. There are concrete steps not only to obtain the best texts from your legal experts, but also to package this content in a way that attracts, delights and connects with your audience, whether they are law firms or in-house lawyers, and that can result in successful conversations about business development.

Because of the legislation, it's essential that all the content that your law firm promotes is not only informative and engaging, but also fully complies with legal advertising regulations. OnPractice is a new content syndication platform for law firm marketers to make their recommendations on best practices and other key content available to the most powerful in-house legal professionals. Content in all formats is a great way to educate people on legal issues and demonstrate that your law firm is an expert in that part of the niche. It will take a long time to create high-quality content for law firm websites, but it's worth it in the end. Effective writing a law firm's content means grabbing someone's attention and keeping it pressed until they pick up the phone.

If your law firm specializes in personal injury, for example, in Los Angeles, you should divide this topic into subcategories and create a single page for each service, such as car accidents, dog bites, truck accidents, etc. Demand Metric shows that content marketing is three times more effective at generating leads than outbound marketing. A challenge for content marketing in the legal industry is that lawyers tend to lean towards marketing when trying to achieve a specific strategic objective that is a little more advanced, such as business development. For law firm websites, it's a good way to create and optimize FAQ pages, as it can generate a lot of traffic due to its importance on the website.

The good news is that most law firms don't get their legal copy anywhere near where it should be.