How do lawyers use statistics?

Statistics allow lawyers to make specific predictions about their cases and case strategies. Law firms are no longer sustainable like simple paper mills.

Lawyers and law firm

leaders must learn to use and adopt statistics; it's not just an academic effort. Statistical data can help lawyers make predictions about cases and case strategy, and law firm leaders can determine how to manage costs effectively by monitoring billing practices.

To keep up with today's market and attract future leaders of the millennial generation, who will inevitably learn empirical research in law, law firms must adopt business practices from other sectors. However, many law firm leaders recognize that making a profit isn't just the primary goal of a firm. Companies must have a strategy to improve customer satisfaction and build a positive work culture. For example, if someone from a family law firm keeps track of client demographics and discovers that a certain percentage of their clients require an interpreter in a specific foreign language, it may be a positive business strategy to hire a legal assistant or lawyer who speaks that language.