What are the best practices for creating effective legal podcasts?

Podcasts are vital to modern marketing, but creating them isn't that simple. We've compiled the best tips on how to start a podcast in one resource for you. Ari Kaplan, presenter, lawyer, author and legal industry analyst, interviews top industry leaders to discuss law firm operations, business development tactics, legal technology, networks, and more. Launched by Steve Fretzin, the podcast “Be That Lawyer” was created to demystify the most difficult aspects of sustainable growth for a law firm.

If you're not using your website to generate business for legal services, you're leaving money on the table at your law firm. A legal podcast provides your law firm with a direct line to your target audience and establishes your lawyers as opinion leaders. Nina Lee is the senior marketing director of PracticePanther, a comprehensive law firm management software company. Ideal for innovative law firms, the Legal Toolkit is a resource for lawyers and law firms to find solutions to improve their practices.

The podcasts also offer benefits to law students seeking education to prepare for their career, and include key information on how to start and grow a law firm. With these five tips, you can easily create professional sounding legal podcasts and develop an engaged audience for your law firm.