What are the advantages of using virtual events and webinars for legal marketing?

Promoting a virtual event is easier and more cost-effective than physical events. Virtual events save time, since you can do them from your own home. They save guests the cost of going to the event. Online events allow everyone to attend despite COVID-19 restrictions.

Create an impressive presentation that generates good conversions. You can use an on-demand webinar as a lead generation tool or to schedule direct appointments. Drive traffic to your presentation on an ongoing basis through multiple marketing channels, and you'll earn money while focusing on other areas of the business. Another big reason why webinars have great staying power.

What does that mean? For marketing events, more high-quality speakers translate to more potential customers. In short: virtual events are more cost-effective, but they don't have the benefits (or drawbacks) of travel. In addition, virtual events can provide your team with ongoing marketing content. Record your webinar so you can re-run it on demand.

There's no reason to allow good content to be unique.