What should lawyers post on linkedin?

This can be content that you've previously published elsewhere, such as articles and videos, or status updates. As you've probably guessed, the way law firms interact with social media is different from that of traditional B2C brands and even that of consumers in general. In general, lawyers and law firms should use LinkedIn to produce content that initiates conversations by educating their target audience. This will drive engagement, establish your law firm's brand value, and attract new clients.

Through second and third grade connections, you can see who is connected to people you'd like to meet, such as hiring managers, law school alumni, or colleagues in a similar practice area. From there, you can contact your partner and ask them to organize a presentation or a business lunch. There's no rule that says that the description that appears at the top of your profile page has to be just the title of a position. In 120 characters or less, use your title to give potential customers an idea of who you are, what you do and what you contribute.

Try to make it catchy without falling for tricks and make clear the legal specialties and the experience you offer. GOOD2BSOCIAL, LLC157 Columbus Ave, 4th Floor Suite 407 New York, NY 10023NEW LONG ISLAND LOCATION22 Club DriveMassapequa NY, 11758. We're redefining the way lawyers manage their firms by providing them with the essential tools to securely manage their firms from any device, anywhere.