What are the advantages of using direct mail for law firm marketing?

That means that your marketing money is spent to reach the people you know need your services. The cost of running a direct mail campaign is predictable and often lower than other forms of marketing. Direct mail marketing offers a big advantage over most other modern advertising media. Nowadays, email inboxes are full of messages from people trying to build their business.

By taking a step back from traditional marketing media, you will differentiate your company. For law firms, direct mail can be used in many ways. First of all, if you can get lists of people who need your services, you can mail them directly. Many lawyers specializing in traffic and driving under the influence of alcohol use lists created from public police reports (always obey your state's ethical standards when it comes to this).

In some states, you can access accident reports and mail them to victims, although there's usually a waiting period of at least 30 days before you're allowed to report them. Postcards are usually larger than brochures and can be used to include more information. It is another type of direct mail article suitable for law firms. Due to the size and shipping as a standalone piece, it will undoubtedly attract the attention of your customers.

According to the DMA response rate report, the response rate for postcards sent to a home is 5.1%, with a return on investment of 29%. Direct mail marketing with letters is one of the best ways to increase your law firm's client base. You receive them in your own home, you know that other law firms use them and direct mail has always existed, but why exactly is direct mail marketing with letters a good option for your law firm? In this report, you'll discover everything I've learned since opening the doors of my law firm and all the general tactics I teach to lawyers who are members of Great Legal Marketing. Inquiries from people who need or may need legal services are important to law firms across the country.

We've prepared a FREE (and potentially life-changing) kit for individual and small firm lawyers that will show you a better way to reach potential clients and get them excited to call your firm. David Moore is the owner of Advantage Print Group, a provider of comprehensive printing and marketing services for individual, small and medium-sized law firms. It's best to do some direct mail campaigns focusing on the different services your law firm offers. Most lawyers start their firms assuming that being a very, very good lawyer should, in and of itself, be a marketing advantage.

We offer some of the most aggressive pricing in the industry and can offer many options that will save your law firm money. When applied consistently and properly, a direct mail marketing system can provide a robust and trackable source of incoming leads for your law firm. Direct mail from a law firm allows you to regularly send printed materials, such as brochures, flyers and postcards, to the mailboxes of people who are most likely to use or need your professional advice. If you think your marketing isn't generating the quality or quantity of inquiries you want from potential clients, it's time to try direct mail marketing from a law firm.

For more than 25 years, your company has been a comprehensive solution for firms that need specialized legal printing, fine stationery, marketing materials, direct mail and promotional products. The top common reasons why people hire lawyers or seek out a law firm include business problems, family problems, and estate planning. That means that if you're a marketing professional working in a law firm, your target audience is wide and varied. If you're promoting for a law firm and you're planning a direct mail campaign, don't overlook the message and design.