Why is social media important for lawyers?

Social media offers clients another way to find their law firm. Social media profiles can lead people to your law firm's website, where potential clients can find the information they need to hire your firm. It's a tactic that consumer brands have refined. No matter where you work or what practice areas you work in, there is a continuous need for new clients. In fact, when Thomson Reuters asked small firm lawyers to assess their most important challenges, acquiring new clients topped the list.

Social media can help lawyers build a visible practice, establish their practice as opinion leaders, and also attract potential clients. Law firms are encouraged to pay special attention to social media and how it can help them achieve their practice goals. There are several advantages for lawyers looking to use social media to create online visibility and market their firms. LinkedIn is the platform most used by lawyers and law firms for professional networks and social media marketing.

Even though many lawyers and law firms are now using social media, many may still struggle to harness their true potential. As law firms communicate directly with the communities they serve, social media becomes a natural way to reach people in need and acquire new clients. While many lawyers and law firms may have social media accounts, it can be difficult to maintain the motivation to publish content regularly or optimize their social media presence. Many law firms are recognizing the benefits of having a social media presence when it comes to generating leads, brand recognition and appearing as an authority in their field.