What are the seven steps of seo?

Create complete content based on your keywords. Improve the design and user experience (UX) of your page. First of all, I love using a tool like Semrush to see what content ranks in that surprising distance (position 11-20) in Google to reuse that existing content or create new content around that keyword and link back and forth between the two pages. In step 2, conducting your keyword research, you'll understand why this is already crucial to a successful SEO process.

However, strong keyword research is a precondition for any good SEO strategy. SEO is a more technical area that deals with fairly limited topics, such as keyword research, page optimization or link creation. Instead, you should go back to step IV (Content Creation) and keep in mind that you should write natural content. Nowadays, search engines like Google are prioritizing pages that take the holistic approach of latent semantic indexing (LSI).

An important first step in any SEO services campaign is to decide which search engine keyword phrases to search for. Understanding this data and acting on it will allow you to take the first step in running an appropriate SEO campaign. If you've decided that an SEO campaign is the next step for your law firm, you're in the right place. I removed my page optimization list in step 5 and began to include “composit terrassebrædder” in the important elements of the main page, such as the header, body or ALT tags.