How can a law firm use radio and television advertising to reach potential clients?

TV commercials and online commercials can be persuasive, informative and a good fit for your business, but they can also lack personality. Companies gain the trust and attention of listeners by sharing their message in real time with their own voice. Radio also provides companies with the opportunity to show their personalities in a conversational format. Since law firms actively compete to attract clients, this distinction from others offers a great advantage.

Radio reaches 93% of adults on a weekly basis, a figure higher than any other media platform. Attracting a large number of potential clients is key to the growth of a law firm, and radio provides you with an opportunity to get your message out to thousands of listeners at once. DJs and radio personalities have fostered trust among their listeners. In fact, 52% of radio listeners stated that their favorite personality influences their opinion, while 51% considered or bought a product advertised during the show by their favorite personality.

By taking advantage of radio support or live readings, that trust can be transferred to your company. And trust is an important factor in attracting legal clients. Television consumption has also changed; however, its effectiveness has not. TV commercials are still the best way to get your message across.

The best part is that advertisers have the ability to understand their market much better than they did several years ago. TV commercials for law firms can be aimed at a specific audience so that you can get a better return on your investment. Today's technology provides law firms with more data about potential clients so that you can understand their behavior and optimize your marketing plan accordingly. This makes ads cost-effective and much easier than ever.

For example, a radio advertisement from a law firm can encourage listeners to visit its website using a URL specific to a radio advertisement. Not only will this OTT marketing tactic increase your law firm's brand awareness, but it will also turn the audience into a paying customer who will likely use your legal services. With such a wide selection of listeners, your law firm is guaranteed to find your target audience at the right season and time. Talk to a law firm marketing expert today if you're ready to have a holistic marketing strategy for your firm.

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Whether your law firm decides to use radio advertising in a larger marketing campaign or on its own, you should be aware of the potential drawbacks. Unlike traditional television advertising, OTT advertising helps small law firms and individual lawyers to publish advertisements through online streaming platforms.